[DIGITAL DOWNLOAD] Troodon 2.0 PanelDue Mount & Bezel

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 This is a screen mount and bezel designed for the Fysetc PanelDue 5i on the Troodon 2.0.

Bezel can be printed in a single colour or dual colour.

 Required Hardware:

• Fysetc PanelDue 5i

• 4x M3 heat set inserts

• 4x M3x8 SHCS

• 2x M3x16 SHCS


• Print mount and bezel

• Install heat set inserts in four posts of mount

• Remove stock screen from printer

• Install mount using 2x M3x16

• Install bezel on screen

• Screw screen and bezel to mount using 4x M3x8


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