[DIGITAL DOWNLOAD] Santa Chimney Christmas Countdown

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Included Files:

• Chimney STL

• Fireplace STL

• Stocking - Red STL

• Stocking - White STL

• Stocking Hook STL

• Stocking Hook Cover STL

• Santa STL

• Fire STL

• Bar STL

• BambuStudio Project File 3MF

Print Settings:

Layer Height: 0.2 - 0.3 mm

Infill: 10%

Ironing: Recommended for Santa, Stocking and Fire

Supports: No

Material: PLA

Colours: Dark Brown, Light Brown, Fire Engine Red, Red, Orange, Yellow, Skin, White, Black


1. Print 24 bars, 1-6 stockings, 1-6 stocking hooks, and 1 of everything else

2. Use superglue to secure chimney to top of fireplace.

3. Use superglue to secure stocking hooks to back of stockings

4. Add text to stockings with a fine tip marker (or leave this up to your customer)

4. Hang stockings on fireplace

5. Insert stocking hook cover into cutout on top of fireplace

6. Insert bars to slots in chimney

7. Insert fire into fireplace

8. Remove bars 1 by 1 to count down to Christmas

9. Remember to put out the fire on Christmas Eve ;)



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