[DIGITAL DOWNLOAD] Lana Lamp - Too Hot To Handle

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This is a set of STL files for our Lana lamp design. One file for each part. Parts assemble by nesting together when stacked. Files will be emailed to the address provided at checkout.

This is decorative cover for a light or smart speaker designed to look like Lana from the Netflix show Too Hot To Handle.

Compatible with most small smart speakers (e.g. Amazon Echo Dot, Apple HomePod Mini). Alternatively, add some LED lights to turn it into a lamp. Top lifts off for access to the inside. Cord exit hole located at rear.

* Purchase includes a non-commercial limited use license. Files must not be remixed or redistributed in any way. Attribution is required wherever images of the model are shared. Printed models cannot be sold for profit. Please contact us for details on a commercial license. *