DeWalt 20V Max DCBL722 Short Car Drying Leaf Blower Nozzle

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This is an aftermarket short reducer nozzle for the DeWalt DCBL722 series of leaf blowers. Blower not included.

⭐️ Replaces the stock blower tube and reduces the outlet diameter to 3"
⭐️ Makes for a more compact blower while also accelerating and concentrating the flow
⭐️ Significantly reduces blower kickback, making for a more comfortable blowing experience and reducing arm fatigue (as compared to running without a nozzle)
⭐️ Locks in place using the same system as the stock tube, ensuring that it will not come loose during use
❗️Colour may vary from what is pictured

Optional anti-scratch* tip:
⭐️ Low abrasion material reduces risk of scratches
⭐️ Perfect for car detailing
❗️Tip is clear, regardless of nozzle colour
❗️May scuff certain paint colours. In the event of a scuff, use a rag to wipe it away.

*It is recommended that you test the tip in a small non-visible area to ensure that it won't scratch whatever it is you're drying. We are not responsible for any damage that may result from the use of the product.