[DIGITAL DOWNLOAD] Troodon 2.0 Afterburner Fan Housing Covers

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This is a collection of blower housing front covers that you can use to replace the stock cover. You can print this in red to match the rest of the injection molded parts, or take this opportunity to update the colour scheme.

There are 4 designs included in this set, each with two versions (with and without Vivedino logo). There are 3 designs for the stock 4020 part cooling fan, and one for a 5015 fan, in case you decide to fit that upgrade.

Print Settings:

Layer Height: 0.2 mm

Supports: None

Infill: 10-15%

Perimeters: 2

Orientation: Place face down on build plate

General suggestions: Reduce extrusion width to 0.4 mm and turn on Arachne perimeter generator. This will allow the thin lines between letters to be printed.


1. After printing your cover of choice, you will need to install 2 M3 threaded inserts in the two top holes on the back (see stock cover for reference). If you've never installed threaded inserts before, see the Voron documentation for instructions.

2. Remove the four screws on the front of the print head.

3. Remove the two screws that hold the red front cover to the black back plate.

4. Push the metal dowel out that connects the top (red) and bottom (black) fan covers.

5. Reverse the disassembly steps to install the new front cover


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